Mars Elevator, having been established in 2016, produces high quality products and solutions. Mars Elevator provides elevator parts, supplies complete elevator systems and assembly, maintenance services. Our company is a preferred brand in the world, thanks to its sales network in the international arena in addition to its domestic production approach. Mars Elevator fulfills its promise of safety and comfort in its elevators for its customers, with a perspective that is always looking for the better and newer. With its R&D center, it aims to respond to the needs of its customers in the most appropriate way by constantly improving its product range

Providing service without altering the quality standards during and after sales, Mars Elevator presents to its customers a perfect elevator experience.

It maintains its stable growth with its future perspective, solution-oriented approach and sectoral investments.


To ensure customer satisfaction with our employees, one of our most valuable stakeholders, to become a reliable and distinguished company in the world by providing parts and systems supply and periodic maintenance services within the framework of international quality standards.



In the Elevator Industry; To be the most preferred global brand at internal and abroad, giving importance to technology, change and customer satisfaction, inspiring the world with its innovative technologies, products and designs that enrich people’s lives and contribute to social welfare by creating a new future.



Mars Elevator monitors and measures all processes within the scope of quality management systems and continuous improvements are deviated. In this context, ISO 9001:2015 Quality Management System, TSE HYB- TS EN 13015+A1 Elevator and Escalator Maintenance- TS 12255 Authorized Services – Elevator Maintenance Services have Full Quality Assurance certificates are in our hand for MODUL H1 Elevator.

Mars Elevator adopts excellence in its quality management system.

Based on the philosophy of sustained improvement, the quality management policy forms the basis of success.

Based on the wishes and thoughts of our customers, we provide project design, customer satisfaction, excellent product and service quality.

All units and employees of Mars Elevator act in accordance with TS EN ISO 9001:2015 Quality Management Standard and contribute to continuous development. The main purpose is to ensure customer satisfaction and meet their expectations with after-sales services. In line with this purpose, customer-oriented quality understanding, customer satisfaction and brand value are created.

Analyzing the changing demands, suggestions and complaints of the stakeholders, we produce improvement activities according to the change needs, add value to our products and services by means of pioneering and distinctive technological applications.



<pMars Elevator; Elevator parts and system supply, assembly maintenance services, sales network in the international arena and domestic production is a preferred brand

▶ To comply with the purpose and context of the Quality Management System ISO 9001;

▶ To fulfill the legal and other conditions in all processes, to comply with the standard requirements,

▶ To reach our goals that we have determined within the scope of quality,

▶ To increase the awareness of all our personnel in the field of quality, to expand our customer portfolio, with in-house and external trainings,

▶ We are committed to continuous improvement activities in our products and personnel by following the developing technology and to continuously improve our quality processes with the participation of all our employees.


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Mars (Türkiye) 2016

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Mars (USA) 2016

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Mars (EUIPO) 2016

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Certificate of Full Quality Assurance For Lifts

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EU Type Examination Certificate For Lifts

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Russia Complete Elevator System Certificate

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ISO 9001:2015


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